YouTube Tab for Facebook Page

Broadcast yourself to a wider audience!

Expand your viewership by bringing your best videos to your Facebook page. This helpful and easy-to-use app allows you to add YouTube videos to a tab on your Facebook page, where they will be displayed in a simple, thumbnail-style layout.

Users will enjoy your videos in 720p HD playback by default, within a native HTML5 YouTube player, and will be able to browse videos using hashtags, playlists, channels and usernames, in addition to commenting on and Liking each video within Facebook or Youtube comments.

Full size Facebook share feature available for Premium subscibers.

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How it works

Facebook Pages are a heavily used feature of Facebook. Major brands, celebrities, and organizations use Facebook Pages as their social home on the web. Besides standard tabs like "About", "Events" or "Photos" you can add custom Page tabs via the our platform. These custom Page tabs load content from our secure webservers using an iframe.

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Youtube Tab
Facebook Page Tab
Requires Facebook
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Price: 2